Automatic Traying System

up to 30.000 envelopes/hour

simple switch from flap down
to flap up

Autoloader with capacity up to
40 trays

compact design

up to 8 mm envelope thickness

Innovative Mail Logistics

In the Print and Mail industry, companies are continuously looking for ways to automate

and further optimise the document production process. For this reason the latest high speed inserters are not only faster, but often have features to reduce stoppages and

automatic job set-up, improving the efficiency and increasing productivity. The input for these inserters is often configured with an unwinder or a high capacity document feeder, automating the input of the inserter. But, at the inserter’s output, the operator has to

manually take the finished envelopes and put them in the postal trays. The HSW Envelope Traying System automates the output of the inserter.

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PBSplus – Improves Performance

Since 1994, HSW has been helping high volume production mailers achieve the highest throughput from their envelope inserters. The HSW Autotrayer supports taking full advantage of the high speed inserting systems. HSW have used their industry knowledge and extensive experience with automatic traying to develop the new effective and smart Autotrayer named PBSplus.


PBSplus is a new generation Autotrayer available in 3 different models


PBSplus Efficient

The range starts with the PBSplus Efficient, a cost-effective, entry-level model with a cycle speed up to 18.000 envelopes/hour.

PBSplus Pro

The mid-size model covers many customer requirements. The PBSplus Pro comes with an extended Autoloader (up to 40 trays), a cycle speed up to 26.000 envelopes/hour and an extended output conveyor.

PBSplus High Performance

The flagship model is additionally equipped with a second filling station operating in a so-called »tandem mode«. This realises the combination of high speed processing with the ability to run small groups of envelopes with the shortest tray changing times.

The modular concept of the PBSplus enables upgrading at any time.


  • More efficient processing

    Elimination of today’s intensive manual handling at the output of the inserter allows greater focus from the operator

    on the productivity. This results in: timely re-loading of envelopes and inserts, optimisation of the cycle speed,

    elimination of long machine stops, increased net output of the inserters.

  • Reduction of labour costs

    Full colour print production on the roll is changing / simplifying the output process. Multi-channel document processing

    and selective enclosures are often incorporated into the main document stream. (2-up, 12 inch forms from the roll).

    Processing the output of the inserter with Automatic Envelope Traying makes a reduction of manpower realistic.

  • Optimisation of the postage

    Due to the liberalisation of the European postal market, different postal organisations started providing

    postage  discounts for pre-sorted mail in labelled trays. (Different per country/postal organisation)

  • Improved ergonomics

    The Autotrayer improves the ergonomics for operators, by eliminating heavy lifting.

  • High capacity for empty and filled trays

    The Autotrayer is equipped with an Autoloader for up to 20 empty trays (optionally up to 40 trays) combined

    with an extended output conveyor. This way the system can run unattended for a relatively long period of time.

  • Minimised speed influences

    The combination of the integrated high-speed buffer and the short tray-exchange time eliminates diverting

    mail pieces during a tray-exchange. Influences on the inserter cycle-speed are reduced to a minimum.

  • Autotraying system with an upgrade path

    The modular design of the PBSplus opens up the possibilities for upgrading the PBSplus Efficient and

    PBSplus Pro in the field.

  • High up-time

    The heavy-duty design of the PBSplus allows for a low maintenance frequency being every 20 million envelopes

    or once a year. This industrial quality product is designed for high volumes and a long life span.

  • Simple switch of the envelope orientation

    The liberalisation of the postal market allows customers to change their postal service provider or to introduce a

    second provider, saving postage. The providers often have different delivery requirements, one of the differences

    being the requirement to deliver the envelopes in the tray with flap down or flap up. The PBSplus is easy adjustable

    to allow you to switch to the required orientation.


Finished mail pieces are securely transferred  from the inserter to the Autotrayer.

Envelopes handed over to the Autotrayer without the required information are bypassed to the divert bin.

The envelopes are up righted with either the flap down or flap up and fed through the buffer into the filling station.

A group is complete when the last mail piece of the group arrives at the filling station or when the fillingstation has reached the maximum group size.

The filling station opens the gate and the completed group is lowered into the mail tray.

The full tray is pushed out of the filling station and a new, empty tray moves into position.

During the filling cycle, the next waiting group of mailpieces are accumulated in the high capacity buffer.

Directly after the filling station has closed the gate, the accumulation of the next group starts.

This takes place without slowing or stopping.

A label can be printed and attached to the tray (optional).


Cycle-speed up to 30.000

Simple switch from flap down to flap up orientation

Autoloader with capacity up to 20 trays (optionally up to 40 trays)

Processes all known European postal trays

Short exchange times between trays

Heavy-duty design; a robust, industrial quality product

Low maintenance frequency, only 20 million envelopes or once a year

Small footprint, 2,4 x 4,25 m

Can be retrofitted to existing inserters


Automatic label printing/attachingaccording to the postal regulations

Extended capacity for empty trays 
(20 to 40, PBSplus Efficient only)

Advanced output capacity for full trays

Logistical solutions for postal trays including unloading and re-loading the trolleys

Camera control for output inspection

Mail piece tracking (On request)



Envelope sizes:
 C6 and C6/5, C5 up to B5

up to 30,000 envelopes/h

Envelope thickness:
up to 8 mm

Input height:
640 – 1020 mm

Noise level:
70 dB(A)

400 V /16 A / 50 Hz

Air pressure:
8,0 bar


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